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 Egg Tempera Painting



Egg tempera is an ancient medium used widely in Renaissance Italy.

It’s beauty has been revived in recent times by many famous painters.


Egg tempera is an emulsion of egg, oil , purified water and powdered

pigment. It becomes waterproof and unusually hard, much more durable than oil.

There is no yellowing over time. The colors stay bright and true, luminous and everlasting.


Tempera painting requires clarity of design because the many layers of paint interact

with each other.

The painting surface has to be carefully prepared and as white as possible.

Any flaw will eventually show through.

White slaked plaster makes the most beautiful ground for tempera painting. The pigments are of the finest, most durable quality.



Surface and Reflection



A flat painting surface lets the light bounce back in an angle of 45 degrees.

A textured surface created with a “:tooth” or roughness, naturally  reflects the light in many directions.

A luminous airy glow develops on this brilliant velvety but tough surface.