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Wax Casein is a rarely seen technique.  Known long before the introduction of oil paint, casein was brought to fruition during the early Renaissance.


Wax casein is a difficult technique.  Mostly made from milk and beeswax, this mixture is more durable than oils.  It surpasses them in brilliance as well. The high key palette of wax casein allows for a certain crispness softened in the tranparency of light.


Through vibrant crosshatching , the visual color field is rearranged for more interesting tactile values. 


By separating the brushstrokes, the painting seems to breathe. 


Scintillating color fields obtain great energy and luminous fressness, while playing on the eye of the viewer.


Depending on the size of the painting, distance creates  the 3-D modeling effect.


Tempera paintings should be viewed in soft or subdued light. Such an ambience brings out the inner light.


“Even though it takes considerably more time to make and work with wax casein, I find this technique especially rewarding.

Like painting with a liquid pencil, each brushstroke is a crisp entity, visually blending into a vivid color field.”




                                                                               MOLLY RAMOLLA